Dress Code

  • Welcome Party


  • Rehearsal Dinner


  • The Wedding


The FAQs

  • What's the deal with Austin & New York?

    The Austin and New York parts of this wedding are very casual and completely optional. They have been added so that there are festivities that folks traveling internationally can be apart of outside of the main events in Dallas.

  • Where should I buy flights to?

    To fly in and out of Dallas, Dallas Fort Worth Airport is the recommended major airport while Dallas Love Field is the closest smaller airport. Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) has many direct international flights (there are also direct flights to and from Australia). For those who want to experience Austin before the wedding, we will help facilitate land transportation from and back to Dallas. For those who want to come back to New York with us, we will be flying from Dallas to New York on Tuesday October 4th, 2022.

  • Will there be parking at the event?

    Please use ride shares particularly to the welcome party and the wedding. There is no available on street parking at or around 5015 Lakehill Ct.

  • Will there be organized transportation?

    There will be no organized transportation for Dallas events. We recommend using ride shares to get to the venues.

Reach out to us at therolons@maxanderyn.com with any questions at any time.